A&D (H.K.) Co. Ltd.

A & D Co. Ltd, Japan is a well-known manufactory of advanced testing & measuring instruments based primarily on the technology of A/D conversion, high accuracy sensors, software development capabilities and exceptional quality control. A & D is reputed in producing precise, reliable and durable instruments including a comprehensive range of instruments dedicated to the application of weighing, packaging, physical material testing, automotive engineering analysis and health care. A&D is playing a significant role in the technology development, especially in a field of advanced technologies, for instance A/D conversion, force coil motor, microprocessor, PLC (programmable logic control), mechanic/electronic integration, engineering analysis etc.

A&D products are not only certified in ISO9001 and compliance with FCC, CE, but also awards with Accreditation Certificates by most of Countries, included the CPA issued in China.

A&D (H.K.) Co. Ltd offers customers in the territories of China, Hong Kong & Macau a platform of sales, marketing, service & support locally.